Alex Levitskiy: A Passion for Automobiles Drives Success in Retail Automotive Dealerships

Born in Eastern Europe and moving to the US at the age of nine, Alex Levitskiy quickly discovered his passion for automobiles. His commitment to detail, hands-on approach, and desire to provide a unique customer experience have fueled his entrepreneurial success in the automotive retail industry.


In 2008, while in college, Levitskiy founded Enalux, one of the nation’s first peer-to-peer car-sharing businesses. By 2012, the company had expanded its operations to six states. Shortly after, Levitskiy ventured into retail automotive and collision businesses under the Auto Boutique brand. In 2018, he sold his majority stake in the collision business to focus exclusively on automotive retail.


Since 2014, Auto Boutique’s retail operation has grown from selling approximately 15 cars per month in one location to 1,500 cars a month across three states, including both retail and wholesale. This rapid growth can be attributed to the company’s unique and cutting-edge consumer purchasing process, which has led to higher customer satisfaction and a more enjoyable experience.


Levitskiy believes that mindset and grit are the two most crucial factors when starting a business. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to have a realistic timeline and be prepared for obstacles. For him, success means building an organization and empowering the people around him to succeed.


As he continues to expand his business, Levitskiy is considering new strategic acquisitions. His biggest obstacle so far has been learning to trust himself enough to become the majority and controlling partner in all of his businesses, as well as learning to hold himself accountable.


What sets Auto Boutique apart from its competition is its dedication to providing customers with an enjoyable, non-pressured environment to purchase vehicles. Financial freedom has given Levitskiy the availability of time, allowing him to transition from direct responsibility to primarily management in all of his businesses. This freedom has given him the flexibility to mentor and develop others while spending more quality time with his family.


Levitskiy is also passionate about giving back to those less fortunate. Currently, he is supporting multiple refugees from various parts of the world by providing them with food, shelter, and other necessities.

For more information about Alex Levitskiy and his automotive retail ventures, visit his website

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