Steven Parks: Building a Legacy in Real Estate Through Trust and Community

Today we introduce Steven Parks, a successful entrepreneur and real estate expert who has built a thriving business with a focus on community and trust. Parks, who began his entrepreneurial journey flipping cars, soon realized that the sales game was not for him. Instead, he turned his attention to the long haul, aiming to create a legacy in real estate by owning and controlling properties.

Now a licensed real estate agent, Steven Parks primarily flips real estate, generating over $2 million per year in gross revenue. He uses the BURRR method and has an impressive portfolio of 40 properties, including Airbnb, long-term, and short-term rentals. His companies, Cashoffers and Parkscapital, were born out of his desire to meet the growing need for houses and capitalize on the lucrative real estate market.

Parks was driven to entrepreneurship by his pursuit of freedom. He believes that time is more important than money and that entrepreneurship offers financial, social, and life freedom. His business began with funding from his local community, built upon relationships he had cultivated over the years.

Steven Parks has successfully built a customer base by consistently underpromising and overdelivering. A man of his word, he earns the trust of his clients, often sealing deals with a simple handshake. He is not afraid to admit when he cannot deliver on something and is always transparent with his customers.

His marketing strategies emphasize organic connections with his community and sphere of influence, supplemented by online marketing and traditional methods such as direct mail. Parks believes that his community is the key to his success, and he values those connections above all else.

The culture within his organization is one of family and tight-knit community. He is dedicated to ensuring that ego and pride are left at the door, focusing on hiring individuals who bring not only skills but also strong character and personality. This approach has created a cohesive team that can work together seamlessly to achieve success in the real estate industry.

For more information about Steven Parks and his ventures, follow his Instagram page @stevendparks.

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